No te lo vas a creer

You’ve had one drink too many and you talk on your elbows, without stopping, and when you finally look up, dark, penetrating eyes stare at you, fascinated and… very interested!

Synopsis of No te lo vas a creer

After attending a disastrous business meeting in Glasgow and drinking a couple of vodkas, or three, to lift her spirits and build up her courage, Emma Corrigan finally gets on the fearsome flying machine to return to London. The flight is particularly hectic; some passengers scream, the stewardesses buckle up with livid faces, and Emma desperately clings to the arms of her seat. Panicked, all her secrets, her most hidden dreams and her most unspeakable desires start to come out of her mouth, and they end up in the ears of the silent passenger who, immutably, listens to her sitting next to her. Emma leaves nothing behind: from the day she lost her virginity to the maths grade she forged on her CV, to the discomfort she feels about her thong. But this bad drink will be nothing compared to what awaits her on Monday at the office, where word spreads that the president of the American mega-corporation she works for is visiting the London headquarters. In the midst of the general nervousness, Emma decides to go to the coffee machine in the corridor and crosses the entourage that accompanies the big boss... Tender and hilarious, the author of Loca por las compras returns with a fun new novel, and a heroine who makes herself loved.

No te lo vas a creer

Author Sophie Kinsella
Cover See cover
Editorial Salamandra

Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is the pseudonym of Madeleine Wickham, a British writer and former financial journalist. Kinsella is the author of the novels CanYyou Keep a Secret?, The Domestic Goddess and Remember Me?, as well as the popular series starring Becky Bloomwood, "shopaholic", which has sold millions of copies and has been translated into over thirty languages. Sophie admits that she loves to shop and is crazy about sales, but she says she always pays the bills, only travels to New York for cultural reasons and has an excellent relationship with her bank manager.

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