Loca por las compras tiene una hermana

Two trucks loaded with honeymoon “souvenirs”, all credit cards out of order and to complete the picture… Becky has a sister!

Synopsis of Loca por las compras tiene una hermana

After a luxurious honeymoon that has lasted ten months, Becky Brandon - the most famous compulsive shopper in the world - returns to London with her new husband. As soon as she sets foot in the house, the problems begin, as two trucks loaded with "souvenirs" that she has bought on the sly during the trip appear in front of the gate: dining room tables, giant wooden giraffes, silk gowns, masks... The bills don't wait and, very soon, the credit card Becky hides in her compact becomes a useless piece of plastic. The crisis erupts and Luke imposes a strict budget, but the bad news never comes alone: Suze, his inseparable friend, has found another friend more inseparable, and his parents, just now, decide to confess a secret explosive: Becky has a sister. What a little surprise! The idea of finding, at the age of twenty-seven, a soul mate with whom to share her passion for shoes, sales and manicure sessions opens up a promising panorama, full of interesting perspectives, which doesn't prevent Becky from finding out about the tastes and consumer habits of her new sister Jessica before throwing out the bells.

Loca por las compras tiene una hermana

Author Sophie Kinsella
Cover See cover
Editorial Salamandra

Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella is the pseudonym of Madeleine Wickham, a British writer and former financial journalist. Kinsella is the author of the novels CanYyou Keep a Secret?, The Domestic Goddess and Remember Me?, as well as the popular series starring Becky Bloomwood, "shopaholic", which has sold millions of copies and has been translated into over thirty languages. Sophie admits that she loves to shop and is crazy about sales, but she says she always pays the bills, only travels to New York for cultural reasons and has an excellent relationship with her bank manager.

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