Mi gato Angus

The story tells the life of Georgia Nicolson through her diary. The protagonist lives in England with her family (Connie, her mother; Bob, her father; Libby, her younger sister; and her cat Angus) and falls in love with a boy named Robbie, whom she calls the Sexy God. Taking lessons to learn how to kiss with Peter Dyer, a supposed expert on the subject, Georgia finally manages to win over Robbie, but not everything goes according to plan.

Synopsis of Mi gato Angus

Her nose is too big. School’s a drag. His parents are dumber than ever. His little sister wets the bed. And on top of that, his cat attacks all the animals in the neighborhood. Georgia is surrounded by people, but she often feels very lonely. Here are Georgette Nicolson’s confessions, a delirious diary that you could have written yourself. After attending a costume party dressed in stuffed olive, a memorable event that her friends do not hesitate to remember with a clean laugh, Georgia is considered to be cannon fodder for bachelorhood, especially after unwittingly shaving her eyebrows. “Unless some gorgeous guy gets lost, comes to this street and manages to walk up the stairs to my room blindfolded, I’ll be locked up forever within these four walls.” However, the appearance on stage of the ideal boy, the Sexy God, leaves our protagonist drooling, who decides to follow a crash course in kissing in the hidden hope of putting it into practice with him. But first he’ll have to fight hard against his most direct competitors, and in the meantime, he won’t be able to avoid having a great time.

Mi gato Angus

Author Louise Renisson
Cover See cover
Editorial Salamandra

Louise Renisson

Louise Rennison was an English author and comedian who wrote the series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson for teenagers. The series records the exploits of a teenage girl, Georgia Nicolson, and her best friends, the Ace Gang.

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