For those interested in topics related to leadership, effective team management and getting the best out of them, or learning how to inspire those around you, this book is a must-read.

Synopsis of Liderazgo

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the few leaders who truly knows his stuff. In his thirty-eight years in the world of football, Ferguson won an impressive 49 titles and was the cornerstone that made Manchester United one of the great brands in the world.

Liderazgo is structured around the strategic keys and core values of Ferguson’s life. Includes topics that are associated with your management style: DISCIPLINE, CONTROL, TEAMWORK AND MOTIVATION.

But it also points to issues that are less obvious but no less important in the search for success: DELEGATION, DATA ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF FAILURE.

Written with Sir Michael Moritz, Leadership is an honest book, full of common sense, humor and insight that will help you become a better leader.


Authors Alex Ferguson y Michael Moritz
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Editorial Roca Editorial

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson (Govan, Scotland, 1941) began training in 1974, but his big break came in 1986 when he was appointed coach of Manchester United, a club with which he won 38 trophies, including 2 Champions League and 13 Premier League championships. With a total of 49 titles, he is the most successful coach of British football ever. Appointed a sir in 1999, Ferguson announced his retirement in 2013, the year United also won the national championship. At seventy-three years old, he continues to work within the club.

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Michael Moritz

Michael Moritz was born in Cardiff, Wales. He studied at Oxford University and became a journalist for the US magazine Time in the 1970s. In that period he met Steve Jobs and was the first to write a book about Apple. He now lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife.

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