Kailas Editorial

Since its foundation in 2004, Kailas has been synonymous with quality publishing and a special interest in Asian literature and thought. As a result of this interest, in 2012 we feel we have been awarded the Nobel Prize together with its real winner: Mo Yan. Now, keeping our identity signs, the publishing house is open to new genres, subjects and authors in order to extend our interests to all kind of books that invite to understand this fascinating world we are in.
We order our offer in six large collections, two of Fiction: Kailas Literature and Kailas History, and four of Non-fiction: Kailas Journalism, Kailas Biographies, Kailas Health and Kailas History, in addition to our Children's collection), since they constitute a precise reflection of the majority interest of the reading public. Although we do not rule out publishing any book that attracts our attention, even though it does not belong to the aforementioned categories.

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