Paul de Épinettes o la mixomatosis panóptica

Activism has led Jann-Marc Rouillan to spend half his life in prison, so he knows first-hand what he is talking about in this book.

Sinopsis de Paul de Épinettes o la mixomatosis panóptica

This novel -inspired by lived experiences and real characters- is a stark denunciation of the current prison system, a system that keeps thousands and thousands of human beings suspended in a vacuum, pushing them aside so as not to disturb the gaze of the bi-conscious citizenry. It tells the thrilling story of Paul de Épinettes, named after the Parisian district of Épinettes where, after the Second World War, a “famous” juvenile prison was built. Robberies, muggings, friendship, camaraderie, love and betrayal weave this story that outlines the rise and fall of life in rebellion.

Paul de Épinettes o la mixomatosis panóptica

Autor Jann-Marc Rouillan
Portada Ver portada
Editorial Pepitas de calabaza

Jann-Marc Rouillan

Jann-Marc Rouillan (antes Jean-Marc) nació in 1952 in Auch (Francia). En la actualidad trabaja en la editorial marsellesa Agone, y ha escrito Prolétarie précaire. Notes & reflections on the new class subject; Glucksamschlipszig: The GLUK novel; Letter to Jules; The wolves' share; Human capital; From memory; Prison chronicles; Además de Odio las mañanas."The Human Capital".

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