Manual de la venganza

In the work of Pal D. Ekran we find the most creative and Machiavellian formulas to undertake a revenge, be completely satisfied and at the same time have fun.

Sinopsis de Manual de la venganza

For more than six years, the author of this book dedicated himself to compiling, through the Internet, the best ideas of revenge. In 1999, that archive of ideas would eventually become the Revenge Manual, available free on the Internet (in English) on the author’s website.
This brilliant book is an exhaustive, systematic and evil account of all the possibilities available to us, from email to the postcard, the telephone, the workplace, the school or the home, written in the aseptic and ingenious style of someone who knows that revenge is an art.

Manual de la venganza

Autor Pal D. Ekran
Portada Ver portada
Editorial La Fábrica

Pal D. Ekran

Norwegian student at the University of Tromsø.

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