Lagunas is an autobiographical book about how it is to go, little by little and in fits and starts, from drunkenness to sobriety. Hard, but so necessary when Sarah realized that those nights flooded with alcohol were great and fun until she woke up the next day and there were those gaps of hours referred to in the title of the book.

Sinopsis de Lagunas

For Sarah Hepola, alcohol was “the gasoline of all adventure”. Drinking meant being free, it was part of her right as a strong and progressive woman of the 21st century. But it had a price. He often woke up with gaps and a blank space where there should have been four hours. He started spending his mornings doing detective work: “What did I say last night? Who was that guy? Where am I?”


Autor Sarah Hepola
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Sarah Hepola

Sarah Hepola has written for The New York Times Magazine, New Republic, Glamour, Elle, Slate, The Guardian and Salon, where she has been working as an editor for some time. She has also been a music and film critic, travel writer, sex blogger, beauty columnist and language teacher. She lives in Dallas.

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