By international bestselling author Craig Russell, comes this masterpiece of modern gothic horror.

Sinopsis de Hyde

Edward Hyde possesses a strange gift (or curse) that he keeps hidden from everyone except his doctor. He experiences two realities, one which is his real life and the other; a dream world fueled by a strange neurological condition. When a series of murders plague the city of Edinburgh with echoes of an ancient Celtic ritual called the "triple death", Captain Edward Hyde must set out to capture those responsible. In the process, he will find himself immersed in a mysterious and dangerous Celtic occult network led by very powerful figures. He has to discover the answers not only in the real world but also in the sinister symbolism of the other world he inhabits. Hyde has only two options: stop the killer or lose his mind.


Autor Craig Russel
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Editorial Roca Editorial

Craig Russel

Craig Russell was born in Fife, Scotland, and has worked as a police officer, an advertising agency proofreader and a creative director. He is the author of the successful series starring Jan Fabel, which is set in Hamburg and of which Roca Editorial has published five novels: Death in Hamburg, A Tale of Death, Resurrection, The Lord of the Carnival and The Revenge of the Valkyrie. In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Polizeistern (Police Star) prize by the Hamburg Police and has been the only foreign author to receive this award. In 2008, he won the CWA Dagger in the Library for his Fabel series and, in 2015, the McIlvanney Prize for The Ghosts of Altona. He has also been a finalist, among other awards, for the CWA Duncan Lawrie Golden Dagger, the most important distinction in the world for writers of black series, as well as the SNCF Prix Polar in France. Russell is also the author of the black series starring Detective Lennox. His work has been translated into twenty-five languages and has been adapted for the screen on several occasions. His latest novel, The Devil's Face, has been selected for the 2019 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize.

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