The intrigue begins in a vaguely Burgundian nunnery where a woman with a near-death wound to the head and amnesia in her memory appears. Baptized as Eve, the first woman, by the good nuns, who help her to be reborn from the ashes of a burning yesterday, she witnesses the massacre of her new mothers and begins a flight backwards to survive the world ahead. His search for the woman he was, a mixture of spy for someone, criminal for something, trafficker of everything and daughter of who knows, composes an “allegro molto vivace”, with hints of requiem and dark silences of prison and torture.

Synopsis of Flashback

At the door of a French convent a woman appears with a heavy blow to the head. The nuns welcome her into their community and give her a name: Eve. Everything goes on normally for a year until, one night, some strangers attack the convent, massacre many of its inhabitants and take with them the only clue that can lead to the discovery of Eve’s true identity: a passage from the Tangier-Algeciras ferry. Following only that clue, the protagonist embarks on a journey in search of her past, trying to find out who are those powerful enemies she has to face.


Author Jenny Siler
Cover See cover
Editorial Roca Editorial

Jenny Siler

Jenny Siler was born in 1971 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but grew up in Missoula, Montana. She briefly attended Columbia University before dropping out of school and traveling the world in different parts of the world before taking on different jobs, from forklift driver to waitress, to model artist to teacher of the deaf.

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