El enigma de la Atlántida

The Enigma of Atlantis is the first installment of a series starring Professor Dr. Thomas Lourds.

Synopsis of El enigma de la Atlántida

Dr. Thomas Lourds, an expert in ancient languages, is commissioned to examine a 20,000-year-old bell with a cryptic message engraved on it. His study concludes that he is faced with a language unknown to date and, most surprisingly, this could be that of the inhabitants of Atlantis.

El enigma de la Atlántida

Author Charles Brokaw
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Editorial Roca Editorial

Charles Brokaw

Charles Brokaw is the pseudonym of a well-known and award-winning writer. Among other professions, he has worked as a university professor and has been a lecturer for the CIA or the West Point Academy. He is also an expert on international politics. He lives with his family in the United States.

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