Cuando nos dieron la patada

A village in Winsconsin, a factory that produces machinery and employs a whole population, decides to leave the factory and all the employees are out of work, so the village becomes tremendously poor, people have lost their direct jobs and all those indirect jobs, that is, shops, services and so on are also damaged.
The book is based on one of these people, who having lost everything, has no choice but to make a 360-degree turn in his life. Such a twist is to start working as a hit man for the town’s mobster. Thus, we know the mentality of someone who, forced by fate, dedicates himself to ending the lives of people who had never come across his own.

Synopsis of Cuando nos dieron la patada

What would you do if one bad day, right off the bat, the factory you work in went bankrupt and you were kicked out? What would you do if the creditors were harassing you and the unemployment tap was about to be turned off?

Cuando nos dieron la patada

Author Iain Levison
Cover See cover
Editorial Punto de lectura

Iain Levison

Iain Levison is an American writer of Scottish origin born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1963.

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