Capitalismo Sugar Daddy

Is there any connection between the sleaze of Harvey Weinstein’s “business meetings” and the dispassionate doctrine of neoclassical economics? In this witty and incisive study of the new economy, Peter Fleming asserts that they have more to do with each other than meets the eye.

Synopsis of Capitalismo Sugar Daddy

The attempt to rid society of bureaucracy, limit the role of government and reduce red tape has made capitalism more humane, but not in the family-friendly way envisioned by the free-market gurus. The rise of informality has fostered a capitalism driven by unfettered exploitation and increasingly sordid management methods: from semi-feudal hazing in the workplace and predatory middle managers with vested interests to arbitrary zero-hour contracts, Uber and, perhaps worst of all, mandatory gym sessions with the boss. Fleming titles his book after the controversial dating app used by wealthy businessmen to meet young girls, most of whom have trouble paying college fees. What seems like a chilling outlier case is actually a prophetic metaphor for our economy: an anonymous, impersonal monetary system determined to get under your skin and stick to you, capable of ruining everything if you say.... "no". "Capitalism sugar daddy is a sober and compelling analysis of contemporary economies on any scale and the invasion of the market into every corner - literally - of our lives. This book won't make you happy, it will make you furious." Nina Power, University of Roehampton "Capitalism sugar daddy, is creepy, poignant and hilarious, confirming Peter Fleming as one of today's most interesting social analysts." Carl Cederström, co-author of The Wellness Syndrome

Capitalismo Sugar Daddy

Author Peter Fleming
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Peter Fleming

Peter FlemingPeter Fleming is Professor of Business and Society at Cass Business School University of London.

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