Calves & Things Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller is one of the most prestigious fashion photographers in the world. He began his photography studies in 1984 and in the 1990s he revolutionized fashion editorials by redefining the visual aesthetics of fashion photography and abandoning the clean, stylized images that had prevailed until then for others that were much more realistic and intimate.

Sinopsis de Calves & Things Juergen Teller

"Calves & Thighs" presents some of his most relevant series using portrait as the guiding thread, a key piece in Teller's photographic work, since as he himself has commented "I am first and foremost a photographer of people". And it is not surprising that the portrait is Teller's strong point because the German has the ability to make the portrayed feel comfortable in front of his lens, relax and play the role that Teller is looking for. That is why his work focuses on portraying family, friends, models, celebrities and even himself, who on many occasions becomes the protagonist of his own photographs, thus raising the concept of the camera as an autonomous entity beyond the hands of the photographer. A clear example of these self-portraits is his series "Louis XV", photographs taken in Paris in which Teller appears completely naked next to one of his muses, the actress Charlotte Rappling, posing irreverently and creating violent and shocking nudes.

Calves & Things Juergen Teller

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