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There is no doubt about it: the Irish drinking culture is famous all over the world. It has been said that Dublin’s main product is conversation, that getting together with friends to drink and chat is the national pastime par excellence.

Synopsis of Beber para contarla

The pub is not only the place to settle disputes, of course. It is the right place to tell stories, exaggerated or not, and enjoy the delicious opium of good conversation and uninhibited laughter. It is in this spirit that I propose to the reader this anthology of Irish stories owed to writers of other times and to narrators of the new generations, all of them intoxicated to a greater or lesser extent by the culture of drinking. I remember that W. B. Yeats’ widow insisted that poets write better when they are “tipsy”. Brendan Behan, possibly the most famous of Ireland’s literary drinkers, that “drinker who had a problem with writing”, as he was described, coined a phrase to explain the whole experience: “Eating is an achievement; getting drunk is a victory.” In this selection I have tried to represent the most diverse aspects of this culture. Broadly speaking, the brew that is distilled here is a mixture of pleasures, joys, risks and pitfalls; of joy and pathos, of lucidity and inebriation, as well as an extensive and representative sample of twentieth-century Irish narrative.

Beber para contarla

Author Peter Haining
Cover See cover
Editorial Belacqva

Peter Haining

A journalist and author of several anthologies, he lived and worked in the city of Suffolk. Born in 1940 in Enfield, Middlesex, he began his career as a journalist in Essex, then moved to London, where he worked on specialist magazines until he joined the New English Library. He edited a long series of anthologies and published numerous essays and reference works, as well as several novels, including The Hero (1973) and The Savage (1986). In 2001 he was awarded the Karl Edgard Wagner Award at the British Fantasy Awards. He died in 2007.

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