Albert Bensoussan

Albert Bensoussan has been the French translator of the
Nobel Prize in Literature 2011, Mario Vargas Llosa, of whom he considers himself his friend and has
by an "absolute genius" of both literature and thought. She met him through the
Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante, who introduced them in London in 1970 when
Benssoussan was translating his play Three Trapped Tigers into French. Mario Vargas Llosa was already for
then famous in the wake of the immense success of The City and the Dogs and The Green House. He couldn't
translate Conversatipn in the Cathedral, as was the wish of Vargas Llosa, because of the link of this
with the Gallimard publishing house, but from 1972 he obtained the rights for the translation of
Los cachorros, and from there he has translated all of Vargas Llosa's writings, both
novels and theater -of the four that he translated, two came to be performed: La señorita de
Tacna and La Chunga- as essays, stories and articles. Most have been published in the
Alfaguara Publishing House. He is currently working to adapt "The Dream of the Celt", the latest
novel by the Peruvian writer.
He has also translated from French works such as Chisnetos blasonnets, which he poured into
Spanish with Ricardo Redoli Morales (Comares, 1997).
Also noteworthy is his essay on his experience as a translator Confessions d'un traître:
an essay on translation (Comares, 1999).

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