GeoPlaneta is the Grupo Planeta's publishing company that specialises in non-fiction books dedicated to travel, adventure, expeditions, outdoor sports, nature and the environment, for adults and children. Since 1999 it has been a partner of Lonely Planet, a world reference in travel content, and publishes its travel guides and illustrated books in Spanish for the Spanish and Latin American markets. For GeoPlanet, the reader in general and the traveller in particular is its priority in everything it does. It believes in responsible tourism as a force at the service of the common good and is constantly seeking to expand its horizons. It puts respect for the environment, commitment to providing knowledge about our world, inspiration and help to travel and also to do so in the most varied ways possible and for all budgets. And always bearing in mind the importance of the book as an object of value in itself, as a bearer of aesthetic beauty and knowledge to society.

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